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Extreme eaters have taken part in two separate food challenge records – scoffing a 60oz burger and 100 chicken nuggets.

The two Canadian competitive eaters are on tour in the UK and visited a British pub yesterday.

Joel Hansel, also known as Model v Food, and his fellow foodie competitor Scott Eats, took part in two challenges each at George’s Pub and Grill in Stockton-on-Tees.

Joel, who has almost 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, ate a ‘King George’ 60oz burger in just 16 minutes – setting a new record.

Scott, meanwhile, smashed 100 nuggets in a whopping 16 mins 59 secs which didn’t beat a record but still an impressive feat.

Craig Harker, who runs his chain of George Pub & Grill venues across Teeside, Yorks, said: “The George is the Colosseum of UK competitive eating events.

“This is where the action happens.”

Last month, a woman devoured a breakfast containing 8,000 calories in just eight minutes at a café in Northern Ireland.

Leah Shutkever, who has broken 27 Guinness World Records, took on a new record-breaking eating challenge which many would struggle to complete.

The competitive eater lined up her gut-busting morning meal of five eggs, five sausages, five rashers of bacon, five tomatoes, five hash browns and five black puddings.

Her meal was also topped-off with five pieces of toast, five portions of beans and five portions of mushrooms.

Leah, a professional competitive eater, demolished the mammoth breakfast in just eight minutes and two seconds.

This beat the Bicester Bean Café’s previous record of 12 minutes and 50 seconds, which was set just two weeks prior.

She told BelfastLive : “The previous record was so good it made me nervous! I really wanted to beat it.

“It was a difficult challenge for the time scale that I had to eat it in – it was a huge bowl and there were a lot of beans.”